Thursday, March 6, 2014

Control Panel Temperature Test

Ibaraki-san is a licensed electrician and distribution console technologist, with certified qualification by government. His role covers maintenance of distributing board, control panel, operation panel, cables, harness and PCB check etc. He often has to test a large system such as distribution console or controller board over 5-meter height.  The distribution console consists of controller board, junction box, terminal block, cables, display, and instrumentation/operation panel in the system.  Ibraki-san needs to check the size of the items, paint condition, part appearance, cable connections, and perform power on test and I/O connectivity check.
The controller board has many components, including drive amp (inverter, servo etc.), PLC controller, relay, display and lamp etc. They may generate large unexpected heat. These components reside in a closed shelf.  If temperature inside goes up, it will shorten the component lives, and decrease current in the cables. Hence, fans or air-conditioning systems are installed to control the temperature.

“In order to have an accurate temperature check on the component, the test has to be done when the system is running with door closed. However, there is no spare for the cable to get through the shelf door. Agilent Handhelds Wireless Remote Connectivity Solution will help to resolve this issue. It can monitor 3 temperature measurements at same time without a connectivity cable. That’s great!”

Inside of control panel with thermocouple temperature testing
Occasionally, Ibaraki-san is required to perform testing on some assembly machine with safety net. The system door must be closed otherwise it can’t start. When the machine is in operation, it is dangerous. Wired connection does not work because there is no space for the cable to get through with door closed.
“With U1177A Bluetooth Adaptor connected to my Agilent Handheld Multimeter, I will be able to run the test safety with the door closed. For those dangerous environment site I often visit, this wireless remote connectivity solution is very powerful. It is the best solution for measurement under the environment with live system around the test points. “
“I don't have U1177A yet, but I would like to use as what I said above. Normally, only one handheld meter can be connected to one PC, but Agilent allows 3 handheld multimeters to be connected simultaneously on mobile tablet. It is very attractive for me, as a worker who control switch lamp and touch panel (HMI) with monitoring or recording output voltage and current at distance. I hope it can be used with i-Phone or other devices as well. I often use 2 to 3 handheld multimeters to perform measurement simultaneously, it is very good to see the reading in a small terminal (phone/tablet). Both wired / wireless connections are useful. I hope Agilent will continue to release new user friendly products.” said Ibaraki-san.