Thursday, June 19, 2014

NEW! Predictive and Preventive maintenance tools from Agilent!

Check, detect, isolate and report – these are what the new Keysight's predictive and preventive maintenance tools do best, together. The new TrueIR thermal imager, insulation resistance tester and the enhanced remote link solution were launched on 2nd June 2014. 

From left to right: U5855A TrueIR thermal imager, U1452A and U1461A insulation resistance tester (LCD and OLED display), U1115A remote logging display, U1117A IR-to-Bluetooth adapter)

You can expect to SEE MORE using the fine resolution capability on the U5855A TrueIR thermal imager as it effectively quadruples the resolution of its detector from 160 x 120 pixels to 320 x 240 pixels. Together with 4x digital zoom, you can see far away objects accurately and at the same time, reveal very fine details.

DO MORE with the super durable U1450A/60A series insulation resistance testers that can measure up to 260 GΩ. This series of insulation resistance tester performs tests up to 1 kV and generates automated reports which eliminate errors from manual reporting. It can also perform test wirelessly via PC and iOS/ Android mobile devices. 

Lastly, REACH MORE with the Remote Link solution, powered by the U1117A Bluetooth adapter and the U1115A remote logging display. Covering 10x more distance, the Bluetooth connectivity enable engineers/technicians to view and log measurements wirelessly from up to 100 m. It is now compatible with 20 models of Agilent handheld meters plus U1450A/60A series insulation resistance testers.

Together, these tools could help you performance regular maintenance checks on motors in industrial, electric power, telecommunications and manufacturing settings. The TrueIR thermal imager could detect any hotspots or potential problems while the equipment is running, i.e. wear and tear or imminent motor failure. The insulation resistance testers can be used to check if the copper wires are well insulated, i.e. transformers, cables, and any other areas that should be insulated. And the remote link solution could be used to collect data from a safe distance and with the available free iOS and Android based software, data and report could be logged and generated easily.

Watch this video (and many more that are available in YouTube) to learn more about these new handheld test tools from Keysight!

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Troubleshooting Medical Computer Network with Remote Link

Caleb is a technical support engineer for a medical computer network. He always faces the pressure
of completing a given task in less time and using less money in the process by the customer. In his line of work, he is often a one man show. He is required to be at multiple locations, to perform troubleshooting simultaneously. In the past, he relied on the data logging feature of the DMM to overcome the need to be physically present in multiple locations at a single time. However, some of the building facilities where the troubleshooting needs to take place can be as wide as 70 meters (230 ft). Hence, he would have to walk back forth for hours to check the DMM readings and then compile the data recorded in a report for his superior. In the event an intermittent fault occurs, he has to locate the fault with additional test points. This is tedious and time consuming.

Now, with the new Remote Link Solution U1115A and U1117A he can check test measurement data on real time basis. The 100 meters operating distance allows him to walk around the facility while keeping an eye on the test points he is monitoring. Typically, he uses two multimeters to monitor the temperature of a possible faulty component and the current drawn simultaneously. The magnetic back of U1115A Remote Logging Display allows Caleb to attach it to the panel next to the circuit breakers. With this he is free to manipulate other equipment controls. The best part, Caleb is now able to monitor up to 4 multimeters at the same time.  He can quickly generate test reports which eliminates manual data entry errors.